Lockdown 3 January 2021

Dear FGASA member,

In the light of the lockdown regulations, FGASA would like to firstly wish you all well during this challenging time, and secondly to let you know that our team is committed to operate effectively during this period.

Should you wish to call, contact the us on 011 8868245 choose the extension, or preferably send us an email instead.

Bridget for Cathsseta queries                       Ext 0

KG for Training Provider queries                Ext 1

Pretty for the Bookshop                                 Ext 3

Bernice for Standards & Qualifications      Ext 4

Chad for Postage                                              Ext 5

Joyce for Certificates                                       Ext 7

Zodwa for all General & Junior queries      Ext 8

Michelle for all Management queries          Ext *

We implore you to follow all government regulations with regards to the pandemic and trust you will all be safe and healthy.

Thank you for your co-operation and wish you all well.

Warm regards

Michelle du Plessis and the FGASA Team

FGASA Managing Director