FGASA Guide Development Initiative

What is the FGASA Guide Development Initiative?

The FGASA Guide Development Initiative aims to bring guide development and training to everyone with a passion for the nature, culture, and wildlife conservation industries. We are committed to developing guides as professionals in the safari guiding, ecotourism, heritage tourism and wildlife conservation industries. 

Guiding as an occupation should be available to everyone with the passion and commitment to guiding as a career path, this should not be hindered by financial limitations. This initiative between FGASA, our collaborators, and our partners aims to provide development opportunities and sustainable career growth within the tourism sector.  

We are proud to support our FGASA stakeholders, these include; Guides, organisations within the Tourism Sector, Training Delivery Partners, Mentors and Assessors who give of their time, knowledge, and skills to help develop the guiding industry and create a diverse community of professionals committed to their craft and dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism.  

To date, we have supported approximately 134 students by providing our stakeholders with the required Learner Manuals, Workbooks, registrations and one year’s worth of membership subscriptions. Our focus in this initiative extends beyond the scope of the minimum required qualification, we support upskilling within the industry and help guides to continue their journey of career growth through FGASA, attaining higher qualifications and improving the standards of service delivery within the tourism industry. 

Guiding is recognised as a professional occupation within the economic landscape. The value these professionals bring to the tourism industry across southern Africa is immeasurable as tourism is seen as a substantial driver for southern African economies. Local and international guests alike often remark on how knowledgeable and professional guides are within the sector and with particular praise for the high standards FGASA guides deliver. 

We are always looking to support our stakeholders as much as possible to continually bring recognition and opportunity to the faces of tourism within the region. See our partners and collaborators in this initiative below. 

If you are a FGASA member or endorsed Training Delivery Partner looking to give back and cultivate opportunities for guide development, then contact us and let us see how we can build this industry together. We also accept donations from third parties and outside organisations to further provide better support, career and learning opportunities, development, and skills growth within the sector.

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