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Below you will find a comprehensive list of all of the resources available to our members. These include our fees for the year, job opportunities, a detailed list of FGASA endorsed Assessors, Trails Guide Mentors, Training Delivery Partners, Specialist Delivery Partners (First Aid training, track & sign, animal trailing…etc), our events calendar, Code of Conduct and more.

We are here for our members and are always looking for better ways to communicate and support our members. If you can’t find the resource you’re looking for please feel free to contact us.

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FGASA Assessors and Mentors

FGASA Assessors

Here you can find a comprehensive list of all the FGASA endorsed and qualified Assessors.

You will be able to find their contact details as well as what assessments each of these individuals is qualified to assess. All of our Assessors are fully endorsed by us and maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. 

We have Assessors based across the country and a few in neighboring countries like Namibia and Botswana.

If you are in need of an assessment please read the list and contact an Assessor in your region. If you need an Assessor for a specialised assessment and there isn’t one endorsed to facilitate the practical, please contact the FGASA office so we can assist with alternate arrangements.

FGASA Trails Guide Mentors

Here you can find a comprehensive list of all the FGASA endorsed Trails Guide Mentors.

You will be able to find their contact details as well as what regions they operate in. It is vital to ensure that your Trails Guide hours are completed under the guidance of a FGASA endorsed Mentor and that these hours are signed off in you Dangerous Game Logbook by your Mentor.

To find out the full details of the requirements for qualifying as a FGASA Trails Guide, please see the qualification work flow here or head over to our Qualifications Page to learn more.

FGASA Endorsed Delivery Partners

FGASA Training Delivery Partners

Here you can find a comprehensive list of all the FGASA endorsed Guide Training Delivery Partners.

Each of our endorsed Training Delivery Partners subscribes to the FGASA standards of professionalism and ethics. Each of these Delivery Partners offers a variety of different courses ranging from online courses that cover the theory of nature guiding to 18-month courses that cover the theoretical and practical components of Nature Site Guide and Culture Guide skills programmes as well as work placements in lodges, travel and volunteer organisations for on-the-job experience.

These Delivery Partners offer inclusive training packages that cover your registration with FGASA, learning materials, exam facilitation and practical assessment facilitation. We work closely with these Delivery Partners to ensure all students and learners are accounted for as well as the maintenance of FGASA standards.

Many Delivery Partners take on nature enthusiasts and individuals pursuing careers in tourism guiding from all over the world.

Some of these Delivery Partners also delivery training in our neighboring countries, hit the button below to view our interactive map and discover what FGASA endorsed Delivery Partners offers training in your region.

FGASA Footprint

FGASA Specialist Delivery Partners

Here you can find a comprehensive list of all the FGASA endorsed Specialist Delivery Partners.

These Specialist Delivery Partners each specialise in in unique training programmes aimed to provide individuals with different and important skills. Under this list you will find providers for First Aid training, snake awareness and identification, animal Track & Sign and animal Trailing, Advanced Astronomy, Advanced Rifle Handling and more.

FGASA Fees and Jobs

FGASA Fees 2023

Here you will find the updates fess for the year 2023.

This fees list covers all the billable aspects of being a FGASA member, these include:

• FGASA packages

• Registration and Membership fees

• Workbooks, Logbooks and Training Manuals

FGASA Job Space

The Field Guides association of Southern Africa is committed to the training of gold-standard guides and ensuring that world-class hospitality, professionalism and safari experiences are delivered to any local or international tourist set on enjoying our incredible natural heritage. If you are a qualified Nature Guide looking for employment or an employer looking for top-notch guides, you’ve come to the right place!

Have a look at our job space and see if any of these postings are the right fit for you!

FGASA Code of Conduct and Events

FGASA Code of Conduct

The Field Guides Association of southern Africa is recognised across the country for our gold-standard professionalism and ethics. Our Code of Conduct outlines the standards we hold our members to.

These standards are accepted across the tourism industry and align with the Code of Conduct as outlined by CATHSSETA and the National Department of Tourism (NDT). All guides across South Africa are expected to uphold this code of conduct as the faces of tourism, representing our professional attitudes, ethical facilitation of tours and ensuring that all tourists, both local and international, receive service excellence.

Please read through the FGASA Code of Conduct to familiarise yourself with the expectations of being a world-class tourist guide in southern Africa.

FGASA Events

We’re committed to making sure our members are in the know and up-to-date with all FGASA events.

From informative Info Evenings, Workshops and social gatherings to Regional Meetings, Exam dates, exam registration dates and FGASA facilitated assessments.

Have a look at our calendar to see what events are relevant to you and be sure to save-the-date for events you’d like to attend.