FGASA Guiding Principles
& Code of Conduct

All members of the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) subscribe to the following code of conduct:

Adherence to Universal Professional Standards, Norms and Values

I welcome tourists to South Africa, and promise to serve competently and professionally those under my guidance, and I endeavour to the best of my ability to satisfy their expectations as valued guests and visitors to South Africa by dealing with the applicable tour programme and itinerary in a responsible and efficient manner.

Adherence to South Africa’s Laws, Regulations and Customs

I adhere to and support the South African constitution, laws and regulations, tourism acts and conservation laws. I undertake to assist tourists under my guidance to respect local laws, regulations and customs; in addition, I promise to support and uphold the mission and values of the tourist organisation I represent. I submit to the applicable controls, sanctions and disciplinary procedures. I promise to operate within my own levels of expertise and refrain from entering areas for which I am not qualified.

Adherence to the code of conduct, rules etc. of the specific area

In the event of any comment or complaint regarding my service as tourist guide and member of FGASA, a letter listing all particulars, including my full name and tourist guide registration number, should be mailed to: The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa
Postnet Hoedspruit

Promise to Provide Reliable Information

I undertake to provide knowledgeable, correct, fair and unbiased information on South Africa to tourists under my guidance, and I promise to keep an open mind towards comments and feedback from visitors to South Africa. I undertake to apply professional skills and knowledge that I have acquired through training and experience.

Undertaking to Care for the Safety of Tourists

I undertake to implement all reasonable measures to protect the personal safety of tourists under my guidance, and, in the event of acting as nature guide, I undertake to operate safely and responsibly in whatever mode of transport is used; in addition, in the event of any accident, injury, mishap or other situation that compromises the safety of those under my guidance, I pledge to immediately contact the relevant authority for assistance.

Statement of First Aid Protocols

As a certified first-aider, I adhere to the applicable ethical norms and first-aid procedures, and, when requested for aid, commit myself to provide competent first-aid assistance according to standing protocols.

Attitude of Respect Towards People and the Environment

At all times I treat with respect all peoples of the world, all languages, all cultures and all religions, local and other customs, histories and lore, and the indigenous natural environment. All guiding activities should be conducted in such a manner as to cause the least possible damage to the environment and encouragement should be given to remove litter thus improving the environment.

Avoidance of Discriminatory Action

At all times I refrain from any discriminatory, abusive, insensitive or irresponsible action and promise to act fairly in the event of any dispute or conflict.

Avoidance of Substance Abuse

At all times I refrain from and avoid substance abuse, smoking in inappropriate areas, or use of any narcotic drug, and I promise to maintain my sobriety.

Adherence to a Dress Code

I undertake to dress appropriately at all times, and to display the relevant registration badge as a mark of my professional integrity and standards.

Statement of Reliability and Responsibility

I undertake to be on time, to be reliable, honest, conscientious and tactful. The number of people comprising a party should be appropriate to my qualifications as a guide, the nature of the type of guiding, the terrain and the type of activities engaged in.

Rejection of Touting

I do not solicit for clients or gratuity.