FGASA offers the option of both venue-based written exams, as well as online exams for Nature Site Guide (NQF2), Trails Guide (NQF2, NQF4 and VPDA), Nature Site Guide (Marine) (NQF2) and Nature Enthusiast.

Nature Site Guide (NQF4); Professional Field Guide and Astronomy may only be written at a venue.

Please see below for exam dates for 2024.

Exam prices for all 2024 theory exams are R660.

Please log onto your profile in order to book and make payment for your exam.

Please note that with all exams, FGASA policies and procedures apply.

FGASA Venue-Based (Written) Examination Dates 2024

(Registration closing date one month prior to exam)

All examinations start at 10h00, except for Johannesburg and Cape Town which starts at 09h00

Saturday 24 February 2024  Saturday 18 May 2024  Saturday 27 July 2024  Saturday 26 October 2024
Nature Site Guide (NQF2) Nature Site Guide (NQF2) Nature Site Guide (NQF2) Nature Site Guide (NQF2)
Nature Site Guide (NQF4) Nature Site Guide (NQF4) Nature Site Guide (NQF4) Nature Site Guide (NQF4)
Professional Field Guide Professional Field Guide Professional Field Guide Professional Field Guide
Trails Guide Trails Guide Trails Guide Trails Guide
Nature Site Guide (Marine)(NQF2) Nature Site Guide (Marine)(NQF2) Nature Site Guide (Marine)(NQF2) Nature Site Guide (Marine) (NQF2)
Culture Guide (NQF4) Culture Guide (NQF4) Culture Guide (NQF4) Culture Guide (NQF4)
Astronomy Astronomy Astronomy Astronomy
SKS Birding Theory
SKS Birding Theory SKS Birding Theory SKS Birding Theory

FGASA Online Examination Dates 2024

(Registration closing date is one week prior to exam)

All examinations start at 10h00

Thursday 22 February 2024 Thursday 16 May 2024 Thursday 25 July 2024 Thursday 24 October 2024
Nature Site Guide (NQF2) Nature Site Guide (NQF2) Nature Site Guide (NQF2) Nature Site Guide (NQF2)
Trails Guide Trails Guide Trails Guide Trails Guide
Nature Site Guide (Marine)(NQF2) Nature Site Guide (Marine) (NQF2) Nature Site Guide (Marine) (NQF2) Nature Site Guide (Marine) (NQF2)
Nature Enthusiast Nature Enthusiast Nature Enthusiast Nature Enthusiast

All FGASA examinations are subject to terms and conditions, which you will need to sign prior to registering for any examination

What you need to know about FGASA Online Examinations (Terms and Conditions)

In order to write the FGASA online examinations , you will need the following:

• A reliable internet connection
• A strong wi-fi connection or enough data (2GB should be enough)
• Access to a computer – either a PC, laptop or tablet
• OR you will need a smartphone (not recommended)

         The online examinations are NOT open book exams

         In order to prevent possible cheating, we have put the following restrictions in place:
          • The examinations are submitted automatically after the allocated time period
          • The examination time is shorter than that of a written exam
          • You cannot return to a question once it has been submitted
          • Should we suspect plagiarism from any source, FGASA reserves the right to declare your examination null and void

      Should you not wish to adhere to the above, you are welcome to write the conventional written exams at a national sitting at one of            the FGASA exam centres

Registering And Paying For An Exam

FGASA is trying to cut down on the need to fill in paperwork and we encourage you as much as possible to register for exams using the online process.
This means you will register for both online exams as well as venue-based hand written exams, via your profile on the website.

• Log into your profile
• Click on the “sign up for exam” tab
        o Select online for the online exam
        o Select your venue if you wish to write the venue-based written exam
• Select your exam date – make sure that the date you choose is the correct one. You cannot choose any date which suits you, it has to be the date which corresponds to the exam you wish to write
• Select the exam you wish to write

  • Double check your details are correct
  • Click on the Pay Now button
  • The next screen provides you with various payment options
  • Make your payment – remember to use your membership number as reference for ALL payments
  • Email proof of payment to admin@fgasa.org.za

FGASA Online Examinations

You will need to log into HERE in order to take the online examination.

You will need your username (which is your FGASA membership number) and your login password for the campus examination platform.

The exam password is different and is sent to you the day prior to the examination.

  • In order to write the Nature Site Guide (NQF4) and Professional Field Guide exam you need to have the necessary experience correctly logged in your green logbook and signed off by the FGASA office.
  • In order to write the Trails Guide exam, you need to have at least Nature Site Guide (NQF2).
  • For any of the nature enthusiast certificates, you do not need any experience, as these certificates are for knowledge purposes only and DO NOT provide you with any form of guiding qualification.
  • All exams are written in English, so you will need to be able to read and understand English.
  • Spelling and grammar do not count; however you should try and write as neatly as possible, if you are doing the written exam.
  • The pass mark for every FGASA exam is 75%.
  • You may only write the Nature Site Guide (NQF2) Field guide theory exam three (3) times.
  • If, after the third (3) attempt, you are still declared incompetent for your theory exam, then you will be allowed to sit one oral exam at the FGASA offices.
  • If you are still found not yet competent after sitting for an oral exam (4th attempt), you will not be allowed to write any further exams with FGASA.
  • It is FGASA policy NOT to make old examination papers available.  The workbooks for each level are intended to give you an idea of what to expect in the exam.
  • In exceptional cases, if you have many years of experience, and are confident in your ability to pass the Nature Site Guide (NQF4) exam without first undertaking the NQF2, then FGASA, upon reviewing your individual circumstances may consider RPL-ing you to allow you to do so.
  • Practical assessments have to be completed within 3 years of writing the theory examination. After 3 years, if the full qualification is not obtained, the theory will have to be rewritten first.
  • Online theory exams for Nature Site Guide (NQF2) are in a multiple choice format.
  • For Professional Field Guide you are at a level where you will be required to write short essay-type answers.

About the Exams

  • The Nature Site Guide (NQF2) theory exam is the first step towards obtaining your nature guiding qualification.
  • The exam is 2.5 hours.
  • The online exam is 2 hours.
  • Out of 150 marks.
  • Trails Guide theory (two sections – VPDA and Rifle handling) may only be written once you have obtained your Nature Site Guide NQF2 / NQF4 or Professional Field Guide qualification.
  • You need to obtain 75% for each section to pass.
  • If you do not achieve 75% for one section e.g. rifle handling, then you only need to write that section again.
  • Only one theory exam is written for Trails Guide
  • You need to be signed off by a FGASA mentor
  • The written exam is 2.5 hours.
  • VPDA is out of 120 marks
  • Rifle Handling is out of 60 marks.
  • Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH) is required.  (Please refer to the Qualifications section)
  • A written theory exam (only once you have a Professional F/G qualification).
  • The exam is 3 hours.
  • Out of 150 marks.
  • The exam is 2.5 hours.
  • Out of 150 marks.
  • You need to have obtained your Nature Site Guide (NQF2).
  • The Nature Site Guide (NQF4) qualification requires 260 days of guiding experience, in order to obtain the qualification.  You are permitted to write the theory exam before you have the required logged experience, however PLEASE NOTE that you will not be permitted to be practically assessed if you have not submitted your logbook with all required experience. (Please also remember that theory exams are only valid for 3 years during which time your assessment will need to be completed in order to obtain the full qualification).  Of the 260 required days, 130 days can be logged as non-guiding activities, such as anti-poaching, tracking, rhino monitoring, etc.
  • The written exam is 2.5 hours
  • Out of 150 marks.
  • The Nature Site Guide (Marine) (NQF2) theory exam is the first step towards obtaining your marine guiding qualification.
  • The written exam is 2.5 hours.
  • The online exam is 2 hours.
  • Out of 150 marks.
  • *This qualification is under review*
  • A written theory exam (only once you have a Professional F/G qualification).
  • The exam is 3 hours.
  • Out of 150 marks.
  • The Professional Field Guide qualification can only be written once you have your FULL Nature Site Guide (NQF4) qualification (both theory and practical competence).
  • Your logbook must be filled in correctly with 520 days of guiding experience, and signed off by a FGASA official before you will be allowed to write the theory exam.
  • The written exam is 3 hours.
  • Out of 180 marks.
  • At this level, you are expected to be able to discuss in-depth, a wide variety of subjects, and as such these will be tested in the exam.
  • Exam questions are taken from Story of Life and the Environment.
  • You are also expected to do further research on key points in the Story of Life and the Environment.
  • At this level you will also be required to submit short essay type answers in the exam.
  • Exam questions are not taken from the workbook.
  • A PowerPoint slide and sound assessment (exam) required for the regional/national birding qualification.
  • The Professional F/G qualification is a separate slide and sound which goes with Professional Field Guide.
  • Slide and Sound exams can be done either at the FGASA office in Johannesburg, or with FGASA approved slide and sound assessors.
  • The Regional/national qualification requires both a Biome as well as the Core bird list.
  • The Astronomy Certificate theory exam may only be written once you have obtained your Nature Site Guide NQF2 / NQF4 or Professional Field Guide qualification.
  • The exam is 3 hours.
  • Out of 150 marks.

Exam Registration Procedure

Please ensure that you register and make payment for the relevant examination before the closing date. 

The system will not allow you to book an exam after the closing date.

  • Available venues are indicated on the dropdown menu when registering via your profile online, or on the registration form.
  • The exams start promptly at 10h00.  (Times may change – please check on the website under venues)
  • Late arrivals will not be allowed to write the exam.
  • Candidates should check the FGASA website to confirm the venue address and time of the exam.
  • If you do not arrive for the exam and haven’t informed FGASA at least two weeks in advance, the fee will be forfeited. You will have to pay again for the next exam.
  • Written notice via email, must be sent to admin@fgasa.org.za, and the exam fee will be transferred to the next available exam session.
  • Your exam payment is valid only within the current year.  So you may postpone your exam to the next sitting within the current year, but should you postpone to the following year, you will then need to pay the full exam fee again.
  • If you wish to change venues, you need to do so at least a month prior to the exam sitting.
  • If you are ill and are unable to attend the exam, you will need to provide a doctors note to this effect.
  • If you have a family crisis, your circumstances will be considered at FGASA’s discretion.
  • If you have a learning disability and you are unable to read and write, you may apply to sit an oral exam.
  • This application must be in writing to FGASA with your relevant reasons.
  • Oral exams will not take place on the same day as the FGASA national examination sittings.
  • The date for an oral exam will depend on the availability of an examiner in your area of operation.
  • Oral exams are usually held at the FGASA office in Johannesburg.
  • A degree of literacy is essential to obtain the FGASA Professional Field Guide Qualification, therefore oral evaluations will normally be restricted to Nature Site Guide (NQF2) and Nature Site Guide (NQF4).
  • If you are on a course with a FGASA endorsed training provider, you will write your FGASA exam at the end of your course on a date set by the training provider.
  • If you do not pass the above exam you may not write another special sitting at the training provider (unless you are on a year course).
  • You will have to apply and re-write the exam on the next available FGASA National exam date.
  • Exam results for all national sittings will be available after one calendar month from the date of the exam.
  • Exam results will then be published on the FGASA website under the member profile and can only be accessed if the member is currently paid up.
  • You can also email or phone the FGASA office/s to enquire after your result.
  • In principle all examination papers with percentages between 69% and 74% are remarked during the moderation process. If you get 72%, for example, you can be assured that your paper has been remarked, but the moderator simply cannot find and allocate more marks for your answers.

Please take note of the following information:

If you are going to be qualifying for Nature Site Guide (NQF4) or your Professional Field Guide you will need to complete a new CATHSSETA registration form.  This is the membership form available on our website or from the membership department.

When completing the form for these qualifications, you need only complete Section 6 & 7.  You will need to initial ALL 14 pages, and then send through the WHOLE application form including a certified copy of your ID.  The second last page (learner signature) also needs to be signed.

Practical Assessment

The practical assessments for nature guiding qualifications are carried out by a registered assessor in a guiding operational area of your choice.

You will need to take the assessor on a guided experience in the selected area of guiding operation:

  • Nature Site Guide (NQF2) – with or without paying clients, preferably with clients.
  • Nature Site Guide (NQF4) – 2 day period with clients
  • FGASA Professional Field Guide – 2-3 days, hosting, with clients

The practical Assessment will be explained to you in detail by your assessor in the pre-assessment brief. The assessor will make sure that you know what you will be assessed on in order that you can prepare yourself for this assessment. Payment for your practical assessment is done directly to the assessor and does not come via the FGASA office.

Refer to the FGASA Learner Study Guide and Workbooks for the relevant qualification for details on the practical assessment.

Venue Details

Please contact admin@fgasa.org.za for venue confirmation


Gobandlovu Base Camp – Kuleni Game Park
Drive straight through Hluhluwe town. You will go past 3 traffic circles. At the 4th traffic circle turn left.
You will drive past Supa Quick and Hluhluwe Build it.
Turn right at the Railway crossing. There will be signs indicating R22 Sodwana Bay. As you turn you will cross the railway line (train track). From the railway line (train track), you will travel on this road (R22) for about 18km before you get to the Bhejane Gate on your left hand side.
Please do not enter at the Kuleni Gate- drive past the Kuleni Turn off, until you get to the Bhejane Gate.
Once at the gate, you can hoot softly or just give us a call on any of the following numbers to let us know that you have arrived. We will then send someone to open the gate for you.
082 604 3506
Coordinates: -27.900600, 32.365238

Southern Cross School in Raptors View, turn off the R527 into Tawny Eagle street and use the gate in-between Raptors View and Raptors Escape (middle gate).

Crownwood Office Park
2nd Floor, Block E
(Next to the Apartheid Museum and Gold Reef City)


Lion Sands Game Reserve – Sabi Sand Wildtiun, Mpumalanaga

Maps location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/9WLc1qbFGpc6CLb16

N/a’akusê Wildlife Sanctuary, Khomas, Namibia

Address: 277 Farm Frauenstein, District Windhoek, Namibia

Drive out of Windhoek towards Hosea Kutako Int Airport (+/- 10km). At the roadblock take an immediate left and follow the signs to N/a’ankusê Wildlife Sanctuary (+/- 30km).

Map location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/oe9HcaR56xew1wgVA

Venue: Mabula Game Lodge Conference Rooms

Location and Directions:

• 212km from Johannesburg (Approximately 2 hours)
• 190km from OR Tambo International Airport and 150km from Pretoria
• 47km from Bela Bela


Take N1 freeway towards Pretoria following the directions to Polokwane. Take the Bela Bela / Settlers off ramp. Exit 238). Turn left at yield
sign and proceed for ± 5kms to T -junction Turn right into town. Go over bridge and turn left at the garage. Follow Thabazimbi road.(R516)
Follow road down to the traffic circle. At circle turn left on the Thabazimbi /Rooiberg road and proceed along for 36kms. Turn right on Rooiberg tarred road. (Road D2533). Follow Mabula signs for 11kms to Mabula gate.

Mabula Game Lodge landing strip co-ordinates: Latitude: 24° / 44 min / 94 sec – South, Longitude: 27° / 55 min / 46 sec – East.

Click here for location

Vleisfontein, Madikwe Head Quarters


• From O.R. Tambo International Airport get on the R21 towards Pretoria up to the Exit to the N1 Polokwane (about 37km)
• Get onto the N1 towards Polokwane and continue up to the N4 Rustenburg slipway (about 22km). Take the slipway onto the N4 towards
Rustenburg (this is just after the Zambezi drive off-ramp). At Rustenburg continue on the N4 through Swartruggens towards Zeerust
Please Note: The N4 is a toll road with four toll gates to Zeerust. Three before Rustenburg and one just after Swartruggens
• In Zeerust make a RIGHT TURN at the ABSA bank in Main street, towards Gaborone/Madikwe. Refuel here as there is no fuel in the
Madikwe Reserve
• After approximately 83km you will see the Abjaterskop Entrance into the reserve on your RIGHT
• Once you enter the Park keep to the speed limit of 40km/h
• Once through the gate, continue straight for 10.8km (the road will become tarred after a few km’s) until you find a T-junction.
• After 2km TURN RIGHT at the sign saying Park Admin

Click here for location pin



Tala Game Reserve


S25º20’05” E27º08’44”


S33º28’01.3″ E26º11’04.3″



Main gate reserve management “Board Room”