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What I get as a FGASA Member

Did you know that as a registered and up-to-date member of FGASA you have exclusive access to many benefits?

FGASA is both locally and internationally recognised as an organisation and brand that promotes and upholds gold-standard professionalism, ethics and training. FGASA guides are highly sought after in the tourism industry of southern Africa as a result of these world-class standards. Being a member of FGASA tells people you are professional, ethical, have undergone excellent training and mentorship. This makes FGASA trained guides extremely attractive to employers and other roles players across the tourism sector in southern Africa.

Aside from the training materials and brand recognition, the FGASA office staff handle all of our members administrative needs and keep detailed records of qualifications earned, hours in the workplace and logbooks of guiding experience. All of this functions as an archived, record of evidence and guiding competence that we can use to assist you, should you ever need it.

We also provide many additional benefits that range from partnerships with retail stores for uniforms and clothing items to health cover benefits and insurance. Please have a look at the page below at the list of benefits you receive as a FGASA member.

We are a small team at FGASA but that does not stop us from serving the administrative needs of all of our 3800+, paid-up, active members. These benefits include:

  • Defined career path through FGASA with continual support throughout and after the qualifications process 
  • Subscription to a recognised standard of excellence 
  • Advocated standards of excellence at FGASA leads to employment and development opportunities for our members 
  • FGASA is recognised both locally and internationally as a top-quality Training Provider for tourist guides meaning our members are recognised as some of the best in tourism and hospitality 
  • Renown,  respected and accredited qualifications of an exceptional standard for career field guides.
  • CATHSSETA registration and administrative duties 
  • FGASA Certificate printing 
  • FGASA Membership Card printing 
  • Exam paper preparation, setting, printing, and distribution 
  • Exam venue bookings and invigilation 
  • Exam mark capture and upload 
  • Assessment mark capture and upload 
  • Workbook marking, capture and upload 
  • Exam moderation 
  • Practical assessments are conducted at a professional level by FGASA qualified assessors
  • Professional and mentorship support available to all FGASA learners.
  • FGASA Information Evenings and Sessions 
  • FGASA Exam preparation Workshops 
  • CATHSSETA endorsed training materials development and distribution 
  • Administrative support to new and/or active members (registration, membership subs, difficulties with system access, questions, document submissions, evidence of proof of competency…etc) 
  • Logbook review and sign-off 
  • Admin support and tracking of verified academic qualification, assessments and logbooks system providing strong evidence of experience
  • Full time availability during office hours to all members and nonmembers 
  • Access to endorsed Mentors and Assessors 
  • Access to endorsed training Delivery Partners ensuring you receive the best education and training possible under the FGASA banner 
  • Discounted membership subscription as you develop through the FGASA certificates (e.g. a FGASA Professional Field Guide pays less per year than a FGASA Field Guide NQF2/4). 
  • Non guiding courses for children, teenagers and adults.

Register as a FGASA member today, pursue your dream career in safari guiding, marine guiding or culture guiding and receive all the benefits and support of being a proud FGASA member!

Become a FGASA Member

Additional retail and insurance benefits of a FGASA Membership


Ruggedwear is a well-known industry staple for excellent quality clothing. Ruggedwear is one of the best when it comes to creating uniforms for individuals within the tourism and hospitality industries, ranging across occupations from field guides to housekeeping. Ruggedwear also produces a range of casual clothing ideal for a relaxed weekend at home or Sunday lunch with the family. All Ruggedwear clothing is locally manufactured and the company remains committed to employing South Africans in their business exclusively, providing employment opportunities and development. 

All FGASA members received 15% off Ruggedwear items purchased making uniforms and casual clothing accessible and affordable for all our members. 

All you need to do is provide your FGASA Members card and membership number. 


Sapmok is another retail partner that has come to the table with a discount for FGASA members. Sapmok is well known for their high-quality leather work and especially their ‘vellies’ (veldskoen). Sapmok is committed to sustainable and ethical business practices as well as the conservation and protection of our natural world. All the products used to manufacture their shoes and accessories are locally sourced, the leather used is a byproduct of the local farming and agricultural industries meaning nothing goes to waste. All their products are vegetable dyed ensuring no harmful chemicals are used in the process of colouring their products. They also off their “revive-to-survive” programme where you as an owner of any Sapmok shoes can take them to your local Sapmok store and have your shoes refurbished meaning you don’t need to go an buy a new pair every time your vellies start looking a little shabby.  

All FGASA members receive a 10% discount on Sapmok products. 

All you need to do is provide your FGASA Members card and membership number. 


Drifters is widely considered a premiere retailer of top-quality outdoor gear specifically catered to adventure enthusiasts since 1988. Drifters stock everything you will need for a great weekend of camping in the bush, and they can fully kit you out for the wilderness or primitive trails. 

From backpacks to multitools, shoes and sleeping bags you are sure to find whatever it is you are looking for at Drifters. 

All FGASA members receive a 10% discount on Drifters store products. 

All you need to do is provide your FGASA Members card and membership number. 

F.R.O.G Supply Co. (Facebush Rugged Outdoor Gear)

F.R.O.G Supply Co. is your one-stop-shop for all things guiding!

F.R.O.G Supply Co. was founded by the same individuals who created the highly successful Facebush Recruitment group. Having been involved in the wildlife and safari tourism industry for years, they know exactly what guides need to deliver unforgettable experiences in nature.

F.R.O.G Supply Co. has curated a wide variety of top-quality products tailored to safari and tourism guides alike, ensuring they have the best tools for the job. From premium flasks and coolers to elevate your drinks stops, to guiding essentials like multi-tools and spotlights.

F.R.O.G Supply Co discounts and specials for FGASA members do vary so be sure to head over to their website and hit the “FGASA Membership Benefits” tab on their store front. 

Unity Health

Unity Health provides cost effective primary healthcare solutions to millions of South Africans unable to afford medical scheme coverage. This product is not a medical scheme, and the required cover (benefits and contributions) are different from that of a medical scheme. 

Unity Health is a division of Ambledown Financial Services (Pty) Ltd. Their commitment to the millions of South Africans they serve is to ensure they have access to quality healthcare at an affordable price. The product focuses on the essential healthcare needs of most South Africans and includes a range of primary healthcare and hospitalisation benefits. 

FGASA has partnered with Unity Health to offer exclusive healthcare coverage and insurance plans specifically designed for FGASA members.  

As a FGASA member you can sign up for this exclusive plan at an exclusive price, for more details please visit our website and view the detailed breakdown of the Unity Health Primary Healthcare Plan here

View Healthcare Plan


The Safari and Tourism Insurance Brokers (SATIB) has partnered with FGASA to bring our members an exclusive insurance package designed specifically for working with African wildlife. 

No matter how well a guide is trained, no matter how much experience or qualifications a guide has, it is impossible to predict what will happen in the wilderness. Accidents do happen and some can be severe. SATIB has a tailored insurance solution specifically for guides active within the safari and/or tourism industry.

The Professional Guides facility SATIB provides allows immediate access to tailor-made insurance for Professional Guides. It is a Personal Accident and Evacuation product with bundled options.

As a paid-up, active member of FGASA you are entitled to a 12% discount on the Professional Guide facility.

To learn more, about SATIB and the Professional Guide facility visit their website here and get in touch with one of their representatives.

View Plans Here

FGASA Bookshop

All of our members receive exclusive discounts on various reference books, guiding books, textbooks and books aimed at helping you develop your knowledge and skills. We want to make sure that as a member of FGASA you have access to information resources that will help to motivate you and further your career as you advance through the FGASA qualifications. All up-to-date members receive 25% discount on all books stocked within our bookshop. 

Download Benefits Brochure here