Specialist Delivery Partners


&Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 15 African countries, as well as arranging bespoke tours in India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Chile and Argentina. The company also owns and operates 33 extraordinary lodges and camps in Africa and India that positively impact more than 9 million acres of wildlife land. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel, conservation and community empowerment has been globally recognised with multiple awards over the years.

  • Nature Site Guide (NQF2)
  • Advance Rifle Handling
  • Trails Guide (NQF2)

Telephone: +27 (0) 35 562 4532
Fax: +27 (0) 11 809 4511
Email: inkwazi.rangertraining@andbeyond.com
Website: http://www.andbeyond.com

Street: 164 Katherine Street, Pin Mill Farm Block F
Postcode: 2010
Area: Sandown
Province: Gauteng

Country: Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, United Republic of, Zambia

African Bush Company

We offer tailor-made safari guide services, FGASA training and assessments in South Africa and Botswana.


  • Nature Site Guide (NQF2)
  • Nature Site Guide (NQF4)
  • Professional Field Guide
  • Trails Guide (NQF2)
  • Trails Guide (NQF4)
  • Advanced Rifle Handling
  • Regional Birding
  • Trails Guide (NQF2)
  • Advanced Rifle Handling
  • Specialist birding

Telephone: 083 501 2377
Email: massi@africanbushco.com
Website: http://www.africanbushco.com

Area: Roaming
Country: South Africa, Botswana

African EDU ECO

African Edu Eco is a multi-faceted Afro-Centric Eco-tourism company, borne out of 35-years of experience, offering a wide range of highly acclaimed, professionally designed and formulated Speciality Wildlife, Nature Site Guide, Game Ranger, Nature Site Marine Guide and Birding guide mentoring and mentorship experiences aimed at the Afro Eco-tourism industry at large and interested individuals and groups.

Our primary focus is on the Afro Eco-tourism industry at large, interest groups and individuals where we facilitate intrinsic growth and development of incumbent, existing and experienced guides by reinitialising and enhancing the soft skills of being highly professional guides, presenting advanced extensive knowledge development techniques, and the facilitation of exceptional interpretive modes and modalities for deeper understanding of the natural environment.

Our portfolio of mentoring and mentorship experiences aimed specifically at the Afro-Centric Eco-Tourism industry at large for ON-SITE presentation includes a host of Specially Formulated Wildlife and Birding Extension programs; and our Specialised Series – ‘Understanding Africa’s Wildlife Series of Advanced Interpretive Mentorship Experiences. For facilities with a Marine focus we have a portfolio of Specialised Marine Mentorships available.

  • Mentorship Extensions to all levels of Nature Site Guiding; Trails Guiding and Bird Guiding
  • Mentorship Extensions to all Levels of Nature Site Marine Guiding,
  • Volunteer/Research/Intern Mentorships

Telephone: +27 78 983-8873
Email: info@africanedueco.com/ info@africanedueco.co.za/ info@edu-eco.com
Website (Currently under Reconstruction): http://www.africanedueco.com

Area: Roaming Africa
Country: Southern Africa; Central Africa; East Africa; West Africa

Access Professional Development

Access Professional Development specialises in Snake Awareness, Identification & Snakebite Treatment training courses which we have conducted across South Africa as well as in Mozambique and the DRC. Our instructor for these courses is Nick van der Walt who holds a BTech degree in Emergency Medical Care, a National Diploma in Agricultural Management, and various other qualifications in the Medical and Health & Safety fields. In his personal capacity, he holds a registration as an Emergency Care Practitioner with the HPCSA with over 17 years of experience as a Paramedic and a Graduate Membership with SAIOSH as a Health & Safety Officer. Nick has been working with venomous snakes since 2002 and was chosen as the specialist speaker on Prehospital Snakebite Treatment for the South African Snakebite Symposium. He is also a qualified Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator registered with multiple SETAs.

As a company Access Professional Development holds endorsements/accreditations with the Durban University of Technology/Health Professions Council of South Africa, the South African Veterinary Council, the South African Institute of Occupational Safety & Health, the Pest Control Industries Professional Council, and the National Federation of Tourist Guides & Affiliates. We strive to provide leaners with the best experience and up to date information when undertaking our specialised training courses!

  • Snake Awareness, Identification and Snakebite First Aid Workshop (4 hours)
  • Snake Awareness, Identification & Snakebite Treatment Course (Full day course)
  • Advanced Snake Awareness, Identification & Snakebite Treatment Course (Full day course)

Telephone: Bernadette van der Walt 076 092 5932 / Nick van der Walt 072 680 1681

Email: bernadette@accesspd.co.za

Website: https://accesspd.co.za

Area: Vereeniging

Country: South Africa

African Reptile and Venom

African Reptiles and Venom was opened in 1999, to supply snake venom for anti-venom manufactures. African Reptiles & Venom is accredited and supplies snake venom to the South African Vaccine Producers (Pty) Ltd and many more companies to help aid people who have been bitten.

  • 1 Day Course (4 Hours)
  • Snake ID And Snakebite – 4 Hours
  • The course starts with a theoretical session with content which consists of the below. A PowerPoint presentation is being done by Mike Perry with images explaining all the necessary information
    1. Snake Awareness
    2. How to identify snakes
    3. Dangerous snakes found in Southern Africa
    4. Prevention of snakebite
    5. Snakebite syndromes
    6. First Aid for snakebite treatment
    7. Medical snakebite treatment
    8. Recognition and treatment of allergic reactions
  • A multiple questions test will follow after a short 30 minute lunch break.

Telephone: Mike Perry 083 448 885
Email:  info@africanreptiles-venom.co.za
Website: https://africanreptiles-venom.co.za

Area: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa

African Snakebite Institute

The African Snakebite Institute provides snake awareness, first aid for snakebite and venomous snake handling training to both corporate clients, as well as members of the public, throughout Africa. Our courses are presented by Johan Marais, one of Africa’s leading herpetologists with over 40 years of experience. Johan is the most prominent author of snake books in Africa and has written the best sellers; A Complete Guide to the Snakes of Southern Africa, Snakes and Snakebite and First Aid for Snakebite

  • Snake Awareness and First Aid for Snakebite (Half-day course)
  • Snake Awareness and First Aid for Snakebite And Venomous Snake Handling (Full day course)
  • Advanced First Aid for Snakebite course (Full day course)

Telephone: Johan Marais, 082 494 2039.
Email: johan@africansnakebiteinstitute.com
Website: http://www.johan@snakebiteinstitute.com

Area: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa

Beat About the Bush

For many visitors, a safari to Africa is the trip of a lifetime but as with anything, the people involved with providing the service can make or break the experience. This is particularly true if the person that you spend at least 8 hours per day with – namely your guide – is not living up to expectations. As far as safaris go, wilderness areas and the wildlife they contain certainly take centre stage.

Our guides all have more than 10 years experience conducting high-end safaris in a diverse array of wildlife destinations in Africa. Their dedication to guiding in an ethical and professional manner, coupled to their experience, expertise, enthusiasm and dynamic personalities will ensure a memorable safari adventure.

  • Nature Site Guide (NQF2)

Telephone: +27 (0) 15 0017014 / 083 442 0652
Email: safaris@beataboutthebush.co.za
Website: http://www.beataboutthebush.co.za/

Street: PO Box 9892
Postcode: 0046
Area: Centurion
Province: Gauteng

Country: South Africa

Celestial Events SA

Celestial Events SA offers lodges and guides and an opportunity to learn more about the night sky in order to showcase this often forgotten, but vitally important element of the safari experience. The clear, unpolluted skies over game reserves are the perfect place to witness some of the universe’s deepest secrets and to learn more about the traditional beliefs and mythologies behind the constellations. In addition to FGASA Astronomy Training, we can also offer special sittings and practical assessments.

  • Advanced Astronomy

Telephone: 079 575 0900
Email: celestialeventssa@gmail.com
Website: www.celestialeventssa.com

Area: All Provinces
South Africa

The Centre for Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE)

COAPE (The Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) has been a pioneer in providing top-notch educational services in the field of Animal Behaviour for over 30 years.

Renowned for their commitment to excellence, COAPE’s courses have been a go-to for serious learners. Originally specialising in companion animal behaviour, COAPE has evolved over the years to include a diverse range of species.

As an organization dedicated to accrediting the best in the industry, FGASA proudly recognises COAPE’s expertise and now extends our accreditation to three groundbreaking courses in African wildlife behaviour.

These courses include African Wild Dog Behaviour, African Lion Behaviour, and Cheetah Behaviour.

See the link to our website below, visit the COAPE course page to learn more!

Colin Patrick Training

Colin Patrick Training strives to provide quality training of a high standard that can be of value to individuals and organisations and ultimately further develop the skill of tracking.

  • Trails Guide (NQF2)
  • SKS (Dangerous Game)
  • Tracker Level 1
  • Tracker Level 2
  • Tracker Level 3
  • Tracker Level 4
  • Senior Tracker
  • Advance Rifle Handling

Telephone: +27 (0)76 813 3475
Email: colinpatrick.training@gmail.com
Website: http://www.colinpatrick.co.za/

Hoedspruit Reptile Centre

Hoedspruit Reptile Centre has provided training and education programmes to members of the public, students and corporate clients since 1984. The Centre offers a variety of courses including reptile orientation, and various specialised courses such as reptile husbandry and medicine.

The team has extensive experience with reptile education, conservation and research and has partnered with various accredited international programmes and universities to uphold and maintain its ethos of “conservation through education and research”.

Come to Hoedspruit Reptile Centre for internationally recognised educational opportunities and training.

Telephone: Chris Cooke – 015 7955203 / Mobile – 0645167439
Email: reptile@yebo.co.za
Website: https://www.kinyonga.net/

Area: Hoedspruit
Country: South Africa

Ingwenya Field Guide Training & Consulting

Ingwenya Field Guide Training & Consulting is a Specialist Training Provider striving to provide quality training of a high standard that can be of value to individuals and Game Lodges. Ingwenya Field Guide Training offers CATHSSETA accredited FGASA training, assessments and consulting work to individuals & guiding teams at lodges. Roaming assessor and trainer – Kwa-Zulu Natal, Limpopo & Mpumalanga.


  • Nature Site Guide (NQF2)
  • Nature Site Guide (NQF4)
  • Professional Field Guide
  • Trails Guide Mentorship & Assessments
  • Advanced Rifle Handling Training & Assessments
  • SKS Birding Assessments


  • Nature Site Guide (NQF2)
  • Nature Site Guide (NQF4)
  • Trails Guide Mentorship
  • Trails Guide (NQF2 & NQF4)
  • Professional Field Guide
  • Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH)
  • Specialist Birding

Telephone:  Phillip Wessels 078 309 3057 or 084 740 4548
Email: ingwenyatraining@gmail.com
Area: Roaming – Kwa-Zulu Natal, Limpopo & Mpumalanga

Country: South Africa & Roaming

Louis Willemse

Louis Willemse Guiding equips red-blooded young people with the stepping stones to recognise and exploit windows of opportunity. You are unique. The course provides an opportunity to expand this uniqueness while contributing to your team, community and the world.

To be considered for the selection process to our next fully CATHSSETA-accredited FGASA courses, mail us an exciting CV.

  • Nature Site Guide (NQF2)
  • Full National certificate of Tourist Guiding (Culture & Nature)
  • Marine Ecology Courses

Telephone: Louis 083 540 4575
Email:  louisfieldguide@gmail.com
Website: https://louiswillemse.com
Area: Western Cape.
Country: South Africa.

Lowveld Trails Co.

Lowveld Trails Co. specialises in Trails Guide Mentorship and Training, and industry-leading Primitive Trails, with the aim of facilitating direct human-nature interaction in wild spaces, for personal and Wilderness benefits.

Their FGASA accredited courses, workshops and trails include the following:

  • 28-Day Trails Guide (NQF2) Course
  • 14-Day Trails Guide Workshop
  • Trails Guide Mentorship Trails
  • ARH Assessments
  • Trails Guide Mentorship & Assessments

Lowveld Trails Co. conduct all their training activities in the Timbavati PNR and the Balule PNR within the Greater Kruger National Park. There is a limited number of 8 participants per training activity, ensuring personalised attention from the course facilitators and as much first-hand experience for the candidates as possible.

Although the primary objective is to achieve the Trails Guide qualifications, they place strong emphasis on the ethos surrounding trails guiding, the necessary bush skills required for multi-day trails and holistic environmental interpretation.

Visit the Lowveld Trails Co. website for detailed information on each of their offerings and to view their brochures.

  • Trails Guide (NQF2)
  • Trails Guide (NQF4)
  • Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH)

Lowveld Venom Suppliers (Pty) Ltd.

Lowveld Venom Suppliers (Pty) Ltd is an accredited pure venom product supplier to the South African Vaccine Producers (SAVP), a division of the National Health Department. The venom we supply to SAVP is used to make life saving and limb saving Antivenom in South Africa.

We also offer one of the most advanced level Venomous Snake Courses locally and internationally. The course was established 17 years ago and specializes in the information management of the most venomous snakes in South Africa. Based in the Lowveld regions of Mpumalanga, we have some of the most experienced handlers in the word due to our constant exposure to highly venomous snakes like the Black Mamba. This is a competency certificate also accredited by the Mpumalanga Tourism and Park Agency.

Level 1: Reptile identification and first aid course (full day )
Level 2: Advanced reptile management course (half day)
Level 3: Introduction to reptile veterinary medicine module (full day course)
Level 4: Group reptile awareness sessions
Other: Kids activity days courser, parties- Young Wranglers

Telephone: Chris Hobkirk (Director) 0823723350
Email: info@lowveldvs.co.za
Website: http://www.lowveldvs.co.za/
Facebookc: Lowveld Venom Suppliers

Area: Hoedspruit
Country: South Africa

Nightjar Training and Consulting

Nightjar Training & Consulting is based in Southern Africa and our services are specifically aimed at the Game Lodge industry in Africa as a whole. Offering unique, tailored training packages, or off-the-shelf training packages to suit the needs of the client

Nightjar Training specialists are a unique blend of highly skilled, qualified and knowledgeable specialists in their respective fields from Nature Site Guiding, Trails Guide (NQF2), Advanced Rifle Handling.

Nightjar Training & Consulting offers Photographic Workshops for your guiding team to ensure that they obtain top notch marketing images for your lodge.

  • Nature Site Guiding
  • Trails Guide (NQF2)
  • Advanced Rifle Handling.

Telephone: 082 971 7654
Email: charles@nightjar.co.za
Website: http://www.nightjar.co.za

Smart Response

SMART RESPONSE is a training company specialising in Remote Wilderness First Aid, Structural Lodge Firefighting and Health and Safety preparedness training, developed specifically for the Wilderness Tourism Hospitality Industry in the South African Bush Environment.

We are accredited with FP&M SETA and an DEL approved First Aid training provider.

  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Wilderness First Aid
  • Online Wilderness First Aid Renewal
  • Marine First Aid
  • Tactical Trauma Response
  • Structural Fire Fighting & Prevention
  • HS Representative
  • Safety Induction & Evacuation Planning

Dominique Miller
010 900 3272
All provinces

Trainers logo

Spirit of the Wild

The Spirit of the Wild training programme was initiated by Princess Irene van Lippe of the Netherlands and takes place on Bergplaas Nature Reserve in the Sneeuberg mountains of the Eastern Cape. The programme has been running for over ten years and offers participants an opportunity to develop their personal and guiding skills through:

  • A deepening of their understanding of wilderness
  • Their role as a guide in developing their guests understanding of the natural environment
  • Advancement of communication skills by improving their ability to lead and share knowledge
  • Intuitive Guiding Course.
    • Deepening your contact with nature.
    • Bergplaas Nature Reserve

Telephone: +27 (0)49 841 1367
Email: info@bergplaas.com
Website: http://www.bergplaas.com/programmes.html

Tracker Academy

In 2010 a bold and visionary action by Mrs Gaynor Rupert made the Tracker Academy possible. The Tracker Academy is a training division of the SA College for Tourism (SACT) which is chaired by Mrs Rupert and operates under the auspices of the Peace Parks Foundation. SACT Tracker Academy is a non-profit organisation which trains disadvantaged rural people in the traditional skills of tracking. The accreditation of its training programme with the Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA) made the Tracker Academy the first tracker training school to achieve this distinction in South Africa. More than 94% of Tracker Academy graduates are permanently employed in the nature-based tourism industry of South Africa.

  • 6 Months Training at Samara.
  • 6 Months Training at Londolozi.
  • 1 year at Tswalu in the Kalahari.

Telephone: Alex 082 921 9574
Email: alex@nns.co.za
Website: http://www.trackeracademy.co.za

Area: Samara in Graaff Reinet, Londolozi in Sabi Sands, Tswalu in the Kalahari.
Country: South Africa

Unigrad College

A Training College based in Nelspruit.

  • Nature Site Guide (NQF2)

Telephone: Riaan Loubser  013- 755 3503 / 082 559 1108
Email: riaan@unigradcollege.co.za
Website: http://www.unigradcollege.co.za

Area: Nelspruit.
Country: South Africa


WildlifeCampus is a world-renowned, reputable and Approved FGASA Delivery Partner. Over the past 22 years, we have trained over 28,000 students in 160 countries. The courses we offer are the most comprehensive of their kind in the online space.

We pride ourselves on being the pioneers in online wildlife education delivery, our authentic and unique E-Learning experience, quality content, value for money and exceptional service. There are no barriers to entry, due dates, deadlines or set semesters. Students are welcome to register and begin any courses at any time.

Taking a WildlifeCampus course is one of the best decisions you can make for personal and professional growth. Our students have found that the knowledge gained through our courses has immeasurably enhanced their enjoyment of the bush. Many are now employed in the wildlife, hospitality and tourism industry.

  • Nature Site Guiding, all Theory Levels

(Please note:  to obtain the FGASA certification you need to register with FGASA and complete the theory exam and practical assessment through FGASA)

Telephone: +27 11 591 0665
Email: info@wildlifecampus.com
Website: http://www.wildlifecampus.com

Area: Online
Country: All

Tchagra Trails PTY (LTD)

Specialty Training Provider: Nature Site Guide NQF2 and NQF4 Assessor, endorsed Mentor and Assessor for Trails Guide.

  • Assessor for Nature Site Guide NQF2
  • Assessor for Nature Site Guide NQF4
  • Endorsed Trails Guide Mentor and Assessor

Telephone: Noelle 073 445 6839
Email: info@trailsuniverse.com
Website: http://www.tchagratrails.com

Area: Limpopo/North West/Mpumalanga
South Africa