In line with FGASA’s five-yearly review of the Trails Guide & ARH Protocols and while working with the FGASA SKS (DG) committee, the Trails Guide Protocols have been reviewed to make the Trails Guide career journey more accessible.

We anticipate that these changes will be accepted with a positive mindset. It is of the utmost importance to understand that the FGASA standards of professionalism, ethics and safety have remained intact. However, the implementation of the Trails Guide Mentorship process has been adjusted to assist those in the Apprentice Trails Guide programme.

The adjustments take into consideration those who have the necessary knowledge, experience, and time in the field to provide valuable input and participate in assisting the new generations of Trails Guides.

As a result, FGASA is allowing NQF4 Trails Guides and those with a Tracker III qualification to apply to become “Resident Assistant Mentors.” The Resident Assistant Mentors (RAM) will be site specific and may not “roam” to provide mentorship outside of their designated area of operation. The RAM, an individual that meets the criteria, must be nominated and recommended by the specific employer site/reserve/head guide. The form can be found here (RAM Application Form) and should be completed, signed and returned to The successful appointed Resident Assistant Mentor will then be empowered to sign-off on Apprentice Trails Guide logbooks for the following:

• The Apprentice Trails Guide may accumulate 50 hours on-foot as 2nd rifle with a FGASA approved Trails Guide NQF4 Resident Assistant Mentor walking as 1st Rifle.

• The Apprentice Trails Guide may accumulate an additional 20 hours on-foot as single rifle with a FGASA approved Tracker III Resident Assistant Mentor tracking dangerous game, without guests.

• The Apprentice Trails Guide must complete a minimum of 30 hours on-foot as 1st Rifle with a FGASA approved Professional Trails Guide/SKS (DG) Trails Guide Mentor as 2nd Rifle. During this the Apprentice Trails Guide must complete at least 10 dangerous game encounters of the required 40 encounters.

• During the Apprentice Trails Guide programme the Apprentice Trails Guide must successfully complete a minimum of 100 hours walking and 40 dangerous game encounters from 6 out of 7 of the dangerous game category animals.

*Important Note: The 100 walking hours and 40 encounters needed within the Apprentice Trails Guide programme are the minimum required to be assessed for Trails Guide. The candidate may require further hours or encounters or both in order to effectively prepare the candidate for assessment. The Professional Trails Guide or SKS (DG) Trails Guide will provide the Apprentice Trails Guide with sign-off and a recommendation that they are prepared to assess for Trails Guide.

FGASA will be hosting three Information Sessions on the updated protocols. We strongly recommend and encourage all of you to join at least one of these Information Sessions, so you are able to participate in this process and ask the relevant questions, receiving your information from the correct sources.

Please see the dates for the Trails Guide Protocols Information Sessions below:

Date 30 April 2024 30 May 2024 30 July
Time 11:00am 11:00am 11:00am
Venue Zoom Online Zoom Online Zoom Online
Zoom Session Link N/A Join here Join here