The South African Government’s stance on weapons and especially firearms has always been incredibly strict. This is to ensure that anyone who owns and/or operates a firearm has all of the correct proficiencies, has the correct experience and knowledge, and most importantly, understands the law regarding firearms completely. FGASA has been working with our Executive Committee and our SKS DG Committee to ensure that all our members who operate rifles as Trails Guides are aware of the law of South Africa, and know exactly what is legally required.

Please see the FGASA ARH guidelines below:

1. South Africa has one of the most detailed and outlined firearm policies in the world regarding gun ownership and the use of firearms. This is good because it means the law is written and cannot be altered or superseded by anyone.

2. FGASA does not have any rule or suggestion in place that overrides the Firearms Control Act (FCA) 60 of 2000.

3. FGASA strongly recommends that all members who own or make use of a rifle should read, become familiar with, and follow the Firearms Control Act in accordance with the law. Members my visit the South African Government website here to read and download the full Firearms Control Act of South Africa PDF here.

4. It is recommended that all FGASA members, who wish to obtain the FGASA ARH, apply for and get a firearms competency which expires and is renewed every 5 years, regardless of whether they own a firearm or not. (FCA chapter 5)

5. It is required that for guides to travel the entire distance of the trails guide journey (including ARH), that the guide has in place the following 3x Unit Standards in order to follow the Law of the Republic of South Africa:

• 123519 (FCA Chapter 5 paragraph 9 sub s),

• 117705 (FCA Chapter 5 paragraph 9 sub q) and

• 119651 (FCA chapter 5 paragraph 9 sub r)

For more information on how and where to obtain these proficiencies please visit the Professional Firearm Trainers Council (PFTC) website here.

6. Private firearms used by guides should be licensed according to the use for which they are intended for and under the correct section of the Firearms Control Act. If any business is conducted with a privately owned firearm then in accordance with the FCA it should be registered as such. In other words, if the guide is using their privately owned firearm to conduct walks or trails with paying guests or clients, then the firearm must be registered for business use. This may be found in FCA section 20.

7. Take note that there are many firearm expert lawyers in South Africa. Here are the contact details of 3 different firms should you have any queries, or need assistance.  Alternately please contact your own choice of firearms specialist lawyer for assistance:

HFG Attorneys – Firearm Law

MJ Hood & Associates – Firearm Law

Martin & de Beer Inc – Firearm Law