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Qualifications through FGASA

Qualifications through FGASA
FGASA is a CATHSSETA accredited training provider for tourism guiding in South Africa. The equivalent CATHSSETA qualifications can be attained through FGASA, thus allowing you to attain the required National Skills Program Certificates and Qualifications. FGASA is continually adding qualifications to their scope in terms of CATHSSETA accreditation. At present some of the national qualifications/skills programmes can be attained through FGASA. There are also number of other FGASA Certificates that are exclusive to FGASA.


Field Guiding Certificates through FGASA

Marine Guide Certificate

Dangerous Game Qualifications

Rifle Handling Certificate

Tracker Qualifications

  • Tracker Level 1
  • Tracker Level 2
  • Tracker Level 3
  • Tracker Level 4
  • Senior Tracker
  • Head Tracker

Scout Qualification 

Birding Qualifications - Download Brochure

  • Local Bird Guide
  • Regional Bird Guide
  • National Bird Guide
  • SKS (Birding) Guide

Biome Guiding Qualifications - Download Brochure

  • Biome Guide
  • National Biome Guide

Culture Guiding - Download Brochure

Other Certificates

  • Commercial Cave Guiding Knowledge Certificate
  • South Africa General Knowledge Certificate
  • FGASA/ Sappi Tree Knowledge Certificate
  • Nature Enthusiast Certificate (Non-Guiding) -  Download Brochure
  • Advanced Nature Enthusiast Certificate (Non-Guiding) - Download Brochure
  • Specialist Nature Enthusiast Certificate (Non-Guiding) - Download Brochure
  • Marine Enthusiast Certificate (Non-Guiding) - Download Brochure
  • Wildflower Guide Certificate - Download Brochure
  • Fynbos Biome Enthusiast Certificate - Download Brochure