The Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA) is one of the 21 SETAs established under the Skills Development Act (No 97 of 1998) in 2001. CATHSSETA was formally known as the Tourism and Hospitality Education and Training Authority (THETA) until 1 April 2012, when they became the Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority. CATHSSETA’s mandate is to facilitate skills development within their sub-sectors through the disbursement of grants for learning programmes and monitoring of education and training as outlined in the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS).

CATHSSETA’s  functions and responsibilities, as set out in Chapter 3, section 10 of the Skills Development Act, 1998, are to: Develop and implement a sector skills plan. The plan describes the trends in each sub-sector as well as the skills that are in demand. In addition, this plan identifies priorities for skills development. Support and administer learning programmes. Support the implementation of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Conduct quality assurance on learning in line with Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) requirements.

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The Filed Gudies Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) is a CATHSSETA accredited Training Provider scope to deliver the following skills programmes in accordance with the unit standards as set out by CATHSSETA:

Tourist Guiding Culture Guiding Nature Guiding Trails Guide
• 17174 NC Tourism Guiding • TG/Cultsitegd/4/0031 • TG/NATSITEGD/2/0029 • US8460
• 71549: FETC Tourist Guiding • TG/NATSITEGD/2/0040 • TG/DANGAMSITEGD/2/0043
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