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South African Application


joined FGASA todayThis form should only be used if you are residing in South Africa. Applicants from other African countries and South Africans living abroad, please see the separate application forms under the Individual (international) members section.

The purpose of this membership form is to obtain from you the information we need to register you as a member of FGASA. We also need to collect information from you which is required by CATHSSETA for statistical and registration reasons. Please note that membership is not transferable.


  • Completing all sections of the form CLEARLY in capital OR block letters (Illegible forms will not be processed).
  • Signing the form including the Code and Conduct section.
  • Attaching to the form your proof of payment.
  • Attaching to the form your valid First Aid certificate if you already have one (required for FGASA qualification).
  • Emailing a recent Jpeg photo or attaching to the form a passport size photo for your membership card. DO NOT fax photos.
  • Marking the Nature Guide or Marine Guide tick box according to which study material you require.
  • You need to register as a member with FGASA at least TWO months before being allowed to write the FGASA exams.
  • Exam fees are NOT included in the registration fee. Please see exam application form.
  • When making a payment/deposit CLEARLY state your name so that your payment can be located on the bank statement.
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT.
  • Annual subscription fees are payable 1 year from registration date, otherwise membership will no longer be valid.

VERY IMPORTANT: ALL theory and practical exams are in ENGLISH. You need to be able to read and write English in order to get a FGASA qualification.

South Africa Application Form (Individual)