To our members, 

Many of you would’ve have seen videos of the incident that occurred at Pilanesberg National Park, involving a 22-seater safari truck and a large bull elephant. 

This incident is clearly stressful for all those involved, from the guide driving and his passengers, to the elephant itself. 

Please bear in mind that there is little context as to the events that lead up to the incident. Often cameras are only switched on once an interaction has begun. While videos like this may provide an opportunity to learn from these incidents, especially for guides in training, it is dangerous to engage in rumors and speculation with no knowledge of the events that lead up to this interaction. 

These types of rumors and speculation are not only incredibly damaging to the individual and his career, the employer, and the park itself, they can also be damaging to the Tourism Sector in South Africa. 

Pilanesberg National Park will be conducting a thorough, internal investigation of the incident. Once there is feedback from this investigative process we will be in a better position to make an objective and factual statement. 

Until then, please refrain from engaging in and fueling further rumors and speculation. FGASA and our members are committed to the highest standards of conduct and as such we must allow the correct investigative process to take place. 

Thank you for your commitment to upholding the FGASA code of conduct.