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Lowveld Trails Co.

FGASA Endorsed Training Providers

Apprentice Trails Guide Course and Lead Trails Guide Workshop:
The FGASA accredited 22-day Apprentice Trails Guide Course and the 28-day Lead Trails Guide Workshop are both conducted from a variety of properties within the Greater Kruger National Park.

There is a limited number of participants per course, ensuring personalized attention from the course facilitators and as much first-hand experience for the candidates as possible.

Although the primary objective is to achieve the Lead or Back-Up Trails Guide qualifications, we place strong emphasis on the ethos surrounding trails guiding, the necessary bush skills required for multi-day trails and holistic environmental interpretation.
Mentorship Trails:
3 Night ‘Primitive Trails’ for aspiring Trails Guides with the minimum required FGASA qualifications. The objectives of the Trails Guide mentorship Trails are to:
1) Facilitate the logging of walking hours and potentially dangerous game encounters under an experienced mentor, 
2) Expose junior Trails Guides to the ethos of multi-day Primitive Trails, and 
3) Propagate a holistic Trails Guide culture across all guiding sectors. 
The experienced team at Lowveld Trails Co. are accredited Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) assessors that conduct Advanced Rifle Handling (ARH), Apprentice Trails Guide & Lead Trails Guide assessments.



Apprentice Trails Guide Course

Mentorship Trails:
Log hours and encounters towards Apprentice Trails Guide, under an experienced Mentor