Legal Advice Club

BASTA is the provision of an array of legal services to members by a lawyer well versed in smme, travel & tourism matters.

BASTA is a legal service that is accessible to members (especially when urgent problems arise) 18 hours per day/7 days a week/365.

BASTA ensures legal compliance & peace of mind.

Why has it been established?

  • It gives members ready, easy access to a lawyer well versed in smme, travel & tourism matters almost 24 hours per day

  • Legal crises can be dealt with swiftly & effectively

  • Costly litigation can be avoided or dealt with more effectively

  • Customers can be kept happy & retained

  • Compliance with legal & statutory requirements is ensured

  • It means that legal issues within the industry will be dealt with in a consistent and on a pro-active basis

  • Standard template documents required by members will be prepared & made available at very reasonable prices

  • Training & updates on legal matters will be provided regularly & on a pro-active basis

  • It will result in a more professional industry

  • It frees members up to focus on their bottom line

  • Case law impacting on business will be implemented

Members Benefits

  • All legal problems will be dealt with by adv. Louis Nel who has 30 years’ experience in the smme, travel & tourism industry.

  • It will ensure treatment of all legal problems i.e. whereas in the past legal problems or potential legal problems may have been ‘swept under the carpet’ due to inter alia cost considerations, these will now all be reported and dealt with swiftly and effectively.

  • Proper legal structures such as trading conditions, credit applications and effective methods to anticipate and deal with other legal issues will be implemented on a pro active basis.

  • Members often require urgent ad hoc legal advice when confronted by a legal problem especially when a customer is present or on the telephone.

  • Members will have access to adv. Louis Nel via his cellular telephone between the hours of 04:00 and 22:00 7/365.

  • All members will have quick and ready access to a lawyer who is not only familiar with the smme, travel & tourism industry, but also one who is part of the ‘ASATA, SATSA, FGASA & SAACI families’ and familiar with their ‘workings’.

  • It does not mean members must terminate their relationship with their current lawyer.

  • Access to mediation i.e. cost effective resolution of potential litigious issues.

  • Legal fees that is very competitive.

  • ‘in-house’ training once a ‘legal audit’ has been carried out

  • Discounts for lac breakfasts & presentations.

  • Discounts for documentation specially prepared for the industry (e.g. booking forms, st&c, indemnity, credit application, credit card authorization form, loyalty contract, privacy policy, travel policy, travel management agreement.)

  • Updates on legal documentation purchased.

  • Adv. Louis Nel works closely with members of the ASATA, SATSA, FGASA & CMP boards on all legal matters, which means joint (and consistent) decision making and it ensures that the board at all times has its finger on all legal matters within their organisations.

  • The documentation used by members will be interpreted in a consistent manner.

How do you become a member?

To become a BASTA member you can choose between one of three contacts:

Ad hoc

R1000per hour
  • You can purchase 3 (R1250/hour), 6 (R1150/hour) or 9 (R1000,00/hour) hours of legal advice when required


R2400per year
  • You get half an hour’s legal advice per month for R200 (additional hours R1 100,00 per hour)


R4800per year
  • You get one hour’s legal advice per month for R400 (additional hours R900,00 per hour)
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