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             Please ensure that you send in your registration and     

    payment for the relevant examination before the closing date 

     PLEASE NOTE: Entries submitted after the closing date

                           WILL NOT BE PROCESSED


EXAM DATES 2019                        CLOSING DATE FOR REGISTRATION 2019


  • Exam fees for 2019 will be R550.
  • Paid-up members can register and pay online for the FGASA Field Guide (NQF2) exam. (The NQF2 exam is the only exam that can be booked on line, as all other exams require you to meet a certain criteria, once met you can download or request an application form to be sent to you).
  • You will need to login with your FGASA number and ID / passport number using the login button, in order to register online.
  • If you download the exam registration form or receive it by email:
    • complete the form by filling out all the required details.
    • Pay the exam fee into the FGASA account using your FGASA number as reference.
    • DO NOT USE references such as FGASA exam fee, TG exam etc.
    • Email the completed exam form and proof of payment to FGASA ( 
  • The exam registration form can also be obtained from the Johannesburg, Cape Town or Port Elizabeth offices


Venues and Confirmation

  • Available venues are indicated on the registration form.
  • The exams start promptly at 10h00.  (Times may change – you will be informed by SMS of any changes)
  • Late arrivals will not be allowed to write the exam.
  • A confirmation will be sent to you by SMS approximately 10 days before the exam. 
  • If you receive an SMS you do not need to call the office. 
  • If we do not have your cell phone number, you will not receive any notification.
  • Candidates can also check the FGASA website to confirm the venue and time of the exam.


  • Written notice must be sent to the Johannesburg office, and the exam fee will be transferred to the next available exam session.
  • If you do not arrive and haven’t informed FGASA at least two weeks in advance, the fee will be forfeited. You will have to pay again for the next exam.
  • Your exam payment is valid only within the current year.  So you may postpone your exam to the next sitting within the current year, but should you postpone to the following year, you will then need to pay the full exam fee again.
  • If you wish to change venues, you need to do so at least a month prior to the exam sitting.
  • If you are ill and are unable to attend the exam, you will need to provide a doctors note to this effect.
  • If you have a family crisis, your circumstances will be considered at FGASA's discretion.

Oral examinations

  • If you have a learning disability and you are unable to read and write, you may apply to sit an oral exam.
  • This application must be in writing to FGASA with your relevant reasons. 
  • Oral exams will not take place on the same day as the FGASA national examination sittings. 
  • The date for an oral exam will depend on the availability of an examiner in your area of operation.
  • Oral exams are usually held at the FGASA office in Johannesburg. 
  • A degree of literacy is essential to obtain the FGASA Specialist Field Guide Qualification, therefore oral evaluations will normally be restricted to Field Guide (NQF2) and Advanced Field Guide (NQF4).


Special examination sittings

  • If you are on a course with a FGASA endorsed training provider, you will write your FGASA exam at the end of your course on a date set by the training provider.
  • If you do not pass the above exam you may not write another special sitting at the training provider (unless you are on a year course).
  • You will have to apply and re-write the exam on the next available FGASA National exam date.


How do I get my Theory Exam Results?

  • Exam results for all national sittings will be available FOUR weeks from the date of the exam.
  • Exam results will then be published on the FGASA website under the member profile and can only be accessed if the member is currently paid up.
  • You can also email or phone the FGASA office/s to enquire after your result.
  • In principle all examination papers with percentages between 69% and 74% are remarked during the moderation process. If you get 72%, for example, you can be assured that your paper has been remarked, but the moderator simply cannot find and allocate more marks for your answers.