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The Practical Assessment

The practical assessment for the FGASA guiding qualifications are carried out by a registered FGASA assessor in a guiding opeartional area of your choice. You will need to take the assessor on a guided experience in the selected area of guiding opeartion:

FGASA Field Guide (NQF2) - with or without paying clients, preferably with clients.

FGASA Advanced Field Guide (NQF4) - with clients

FGASA Specialist Field Guide - with clients

The practical Assessment will be explained to you in detail by your assessor in the pre-assessment brief. The assessor will make sure that you know what you will be assessed on in order that you can prepare yourself for this assessment. Payment for your practical assessment is done directly to the assessor and does not come via the FGASA office.

Refer to the FGASA Learner Study Guide and Workbooks for the relevant qualification for details on the practical assessment.