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Log Books

How do I use the FGASA logbook?

Logbooks are an integral part of the rpl (recognition of prior learning) and FGASA qualification system.

The guiding logbook (green)

If you are new in the field, you can start entering any relevant guiding experience in the logbook, and with the relevant experience logged, you may then apply to be assessed for higher level evaluations.

If you have already been guiding for some time, you may backdate the logbook. Fill in your previous guiding experience - whether or not you have been FGASA registered - in as much detail as possible, and have it verified and signed by your previous employers where you can. Reference letters can also be sent with the logbook.

At present any superior can sign off your guiding experience in the logbook, but if that person has passed FGASA evaluations him/herself, so much the better.

The amount of detail required depends on your kind of operation. If you do one trip a month, we want the details of every trip. If you do two game drives and a walk every day, we would like a monthly summary of these.

It is very important that you sign every page, and have a superior sign on the same page, preferably with some comment.

The purpose of the logbook is to assess your guiding ability and experience from a distance - the more relevant information you give us for this purpose, the better. Please write down difficult encounters you may have had with e.g. dangerous game and/or clients, and how you handled these.

A separate Dangerous Game Logbook is available for members wanting to attain the Back-up, Trails Guide and SKS (Dangerous Game) qualifications. This logbook is far more extensive than the normal guiding logbook and will require more details for the dangerous game encounters. This logbook is to be signed by your superior/mentor and then sent to the FGASA Johannesburg office to be verified and signed off.

For all your normal guiding experience make use of the green guiding logbook, only make use of the Dangerous Game logbook for recording actual encounters with dangerous game as per the definition of encounters.