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CATHSSETA – South Africa

CATHSSETA is the Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority. 

  1. We, as FGASA, are accredited through CATHSSETA, to provide Nature Guide training.
  2. Once you have completed your FGASA qualification, if you are planning on becoming a Field Guide in South Africa, we upload your qualification and achievements, onto the CATHSSETA database.
  3. They then issue you with a CATHSSETA certificate (separate to the FGASA certificate) which allows you to register as a legal field guide with the National Department of Tourism.  (It takes a long time for this certificate to be issued and it is reliant on all documentation submitted being valid and in order)


The CATHSSETA registration process is a long one filled with daily challenges.


The CATHSSETA registration process requires the following from each learner:

  • A Signed Learner Agreement.  ALL fields on the learner agreement form need to be completed.
  • A certified copy of ID/passport within a three month period



  • For any further qualifications accredited with CATHSSETA, for example qualifying as an Advanced Field Guide (NQF4) or Lead Trails Guide, CATHSSETA now requires that you complete a whole new learner agreement, and resubmission of all above documentation.
  • FGASA, CATHSSETA and the National Dept of Tourism are three totally separate organisations.  Whatever CATHSSETA requests of FGASA and its learners, it totally outside of the control of FGASA.