FGASA Endorsed
Training Providers

&Beyond (In-House Training Only)

&Beyond is one of the world’s leading luxury experiential travel companies, designing personalised luxury safaris in 15 African countries, as well as arranging bespoke tours in India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Chile and Argentina. The company also owns and operates 33 extraordinary lodges and camps in Africa and India that positively impact more than 9 million acres of wildlife land. Established in 1991, &Beyond takes exceptional care of its guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel, conservation and community empowerment has been globally recognised with multiple awards over the years.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)
  • Advance Rifle Handling
  • Apprentice Trails Guide

Telephone: +27 (0) 35 562 4532
Fax: +27 (0) 11 809 4511
Email: inkwazi.rangertraining@andbeyond.com
Website: http://www.andbeyond.com

Street: 164 Katherine Street, Pin Mill Farm Block F
Postcode: 2010
Area: Sandown
Province: Gauteng
Country: Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, United Republic of, Zambia

Africa Nature Training

Africa Nature Training was founded in South Africa in 2002 as a company dedicated to conservation and environmental training. We celebrated our tenth year of operation during 2012. We specialise in training nature guides. Our programmes focus on providing quality education for those individuals wishing to pursue a career in nature guiding and also for people who are simply passionate about nature.
Our inspiration comes from a Senegalese ecologist, Baba Dioum, whose statement on the header of our website explains our motivation to teach people about nature.
In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught. 

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)

Telephone: +27 12 667 5440
Fax: +27 86 610 4899
Email: info@africanaturetraining.co.za
Website: https://www.africanaturetraining.co.za/

Area: Pretoria
Province: Gauteng
Country: South Africa

African Bush Training

AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING, our mission is to train enthusiastic and ethical field guides in a wide variety of settings including the Kruger National Park and the majestic Northern Drakensberg Mountains of the Limpopo Province.

In formulating his original concept for ABT, Principle Johann Jurgens adhered firmly to the classical dictum mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body. He was determined to focus on providing students from all backgrounds with the opportunity to learn and kick start successful careers in the Field Guide, Wildlife and Hospitality Management field.

With the guidance and care of our experienced instructors – we aim to help develop students into confident and knowledgeable ambassadors for wildlife conservation in Africa.

The ABT BUSH CAREER PROGRAMS will provide you with a firm foundation for career success in the industry as it exposes students to all the different facets of the industry. Including, Field Guide Training, Game Lodge Management, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Game Ranch Management, Snake Handling, Wildlife Photography, Bush Craft, Environmental Education and Work Placement Programs.

  • FGASA Apprentice Field Guide NQF2 (Level 1)

Telephone: +27 (0)82 855 7159
Email: info@africanbushtraining.com
Website: https://www.abt-edu.com

African Guide Academy

The Training Area

The learning experience is influenced by the natural beauty of the area and the habitat diversity. Kwapa has a combination of river channels, floodplains, lagoons as well as riparian woodland, savannah, mopane scrub, climax mopane woodland and grasslands.

Our safari guide training camp on the Kwapa River is situated in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. The Okavango is one of the most scenically spectacular wildlife areas anywhere in the world. The myriad of crystal clear channels and wildlife rich islands is a habitat unlike any other.

Possibly the most amazing thing about the area is the fact that it is part of a wilderness that stretches unfenced for hundreds of thousands of square kilometres through Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park, the Caprivi Strip of Namibia, southern Angola and southern Zambia.


In order to learn the skills of being a guide you need to be immersed in an environment where there is a good diversity of the prominent and flagship species.

Kwapa Guide Training Camp has good numbers of elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, kudu, impala, reedbuck and other herbivores. Rhinoceros are making a come-back in the Okavango due to some phenomenal conservation programs. Predators include lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog, serval, caracal, african wildcat, black-backed jackal, side-striped jackal, spotted hyaena and other smaller predators. In short there is pretty much everything the savannah biome has to offer with regards to wildlife.

The area has over 300 species of birds and the list is still growing. Some of the highlight birds are wattled crane, lesser jacana, long-crested eagle, saddlebill stork, green-capped eremomela, greater painted snipe, coppery-tailed coucal, luapula cisticola to mention but a few.


In addition to the typical game drives and walks offered by guide training institutions during the floods we are able to offer boating and mokoro activities. The size of the wilderness in which we operate allows us to do incredible wilderness sleep-outs and multi-day trails.

  • Apprentice Field Guide NQF2
  • Apprentice Trails Guide NQF2
  • Advanced Rifle Handling.

Telephone: 00 267 6800 115
Email:  info@guidetrainingcourses.com
Website: https://www.africanbushtraining.com

Private Bag 206
Area: Okavango Delta
Country: Botswana

Beat About The Bush

For many visitors, a safari to Africa is the trip of a lifetime but as with anything, the people involved with providing the service can make or break the experience. This is particularly true if the person that you spend at least 8 hours per day with – namely your guide – is not living up to expectations. As far as safaris go, wilderness areas and the wildlife they contain certainly take centre stage.

Our guides all have more than 10 years experience conducting high-end safaris in a diverse array of wildlife destinations in Africa. Their dedication to guiding in an ethical and professional manner, coupled to their experience, expertise, enthusiasm and dynamic personalities will ensure a memorable safari adventure.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)

Telephone: +27 (0) 15 0017014 / 083 442 0652
Email: safaris@beataboutthebush.co.za
Website: http://www.beataboutthebush.co.za/

Street: PO Box 9892
Postcode: 0046
Area: Centurion
Province: Gauteng
Country: South Africa

Bhejane Nature Training

Recognising the need for accredited nature guide training providers in Northern KwaZulu Natal, Bhejane Nature Training was started in 2009 by Dylan and Christa. uBhejane is the Zulu name for the African Black Rhino, a flagship species for northern KwaZulu Natal.

At Bhejane we embrace the many opportunities that our rapidly changing world offer young people to change the attitudes and views of people toward natural systems and wildlife. We train our students to become forward thinking conservation entrepreneurs, not merely “jeep-jockeys” as guides are often referred to. To achieve this we focus on the amazing diversity around us, to seek out specialist and niche areas of guiding such as Frogging, Butterflying, Spider Safaris, Specialist Birding, Walking trails and Marine Guiding.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)
  • Marine Guiding (NQF2)
  • Apprentice Trails Guide
  • Advance Rifle Handling

Telephone: +27 (0) 83 726 3826 / +27 (0) 79 887 0419
Email: info@bhejanenaturetraining.com
Website: http://www.bhejanenaturetraining.com/

Street: P.O.Box 693
Postcode: 3960
Area: Hluhluwe
Country: South Africa

Bushveld Experience Skills Training (PTY)

Bushveld Experience Skills & Training offers a variety of nature training courses which cover all aspects of South Africa’s beautiful & diverse natural heritage and wildlife, and which afford the curious nature lover with the unique opportunity to acquire hands-on identification & interpretive skills and knowledge in a practical and stimulating learning environment. We concentrate on the savannah and grassland biomes and explore the different elements, both living and non-living, which contribute to these habitats and ecosystems. Subjects covered range from Geology and Ecology to Grasses, Trees, Birds, Mammals, Insects, Reptiles and many more.

Getting to grips with the sights, signs & sounds of the bush is one of the most rewarding outcomes which our courses offer.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)

Telephone: +27 (0) 11 943 2219 / +27 (0) 82 413 0367
Email: angela@bushveldtraining.co.za
Website: http://www.bushnaturecourses.co.za/

Street: No 1 Broome Manor, 133 Curzon Road
Area: Bryanston
Province: Gauteng
Country: South Africa

Bushveld Mosaic

The current Bushveld Mosaic course was developed in 1995 by Honorary Officer, Prof. Peter Fripp (Zoologist at Medunsa) in conjunction with requirements prescribed by the North West Parks & Tourism Board (NWP&TB).

Bushveld Mosaic Environmental Course has further developed and enhanced the course in conjunction with North West Parks, the Field Guide Association of South Africa (FGASA) syllabus and assessments criteria, as well as changing industry standards requirements set by the Tourism, Hospitality, Sport Education & Training Authority (THETA).

Although Bushveld Mosaic course consists of a different module each month, the entire course programme is structured around ecological principles that build upon each other.

Our students are encouraged to assimilate and integrate what they have learned in one module with what has been learned in the previous modules, in order to develop a holistic view of the environmental conservation picture.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)

Telephone: +27 (0) 11 432 2535 / +27 (0) 82 560 9790
Email: administrator@bushveld-mosaic.org.za
Website: http://www.bushveld-mosaic.org.za

Bushveld Training Adventures

Bushveld Training Adventures, a nationally recognized academic institution in the field of nature studies, offers a comprehensive range of professional field guiding and environmentalist courses. Whether it is a career in field guiding in order to obtain the FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) and national qualifications, or a wonderful learning experience, the opportunity to make great friends, are all great reasons to enrol in a BTA guide or environmentalist course.

The courses are a fantastic experience. Not only do they comprise lectures with highly qualified instructors, but also field outings where the classroom is the open bush and textbooks turn into life animals, plants, rocks, clouds and the whole universe. Each one of these challenges you with questions: Who am I, how did I get here, why am I here, what threatens my existence? Each one of them becomes a testimony to the story of the evolutionary processes of our planet. The evenings by the campfire shared with kindred spirits are the memories that embroider the fabric of our lives… And the mornings hold the promise of a new adventure.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)
  • Apprentice Trails Guide
  • Advance Rifle Handling
  • Nature Guide Courses
  • Short Specialist Courses

Telephone: +27 (0) 11 679 2298 / +27 (0) 82 337 1355
Fax: +27 (0) 86 672 1205
Email: info@bushveldta.co.za
Website: http://bushveldtrainingadventures.co.za

Bushwise Field Guides

Bushwise is a specialist in professional FGASA accredited Field Guide training and Hospitality courses, as well as work placement programmes in South Africa. Its staff, students and alumni are highly recognised in the hospitality industry, due to the high standards of the organisation and the excellent reputation of the courses on offer.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)
  • Apprentice Trails Guide
  • Advance Rifle Handling

Telephone: +27 (0) 21 782 2386
Email: kim@bushwise.co.za
Website: http://www.bushwise.co.za/

Campfire Academy

Operating from Tehillah Eco Village in the Greater Kruger National Park, we provide mentored training in smaller groups to develop your individual strengths and interests.

Our principal trainer, Laetitia Cronjé (BSc Zoology & Botany) is a Professional Lead Trails Guide, Specialist Birding Guide, accredited FGASA Assessor and holds a specialist teaching qualification. She is assisted by fellow conservationists with diverse qualifications and experience.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)

Telephone: +27 (0)82 372 8751
Email: info@campfireacademy.co.za
Website: http://www.campfireacademy.co.za

Street: Balule Nature Reserve,
Postcode: 1380
Area: Hoedspruit
Province: Limpopo
Country: South Africa

Dhumukwa Guide Training

We offer a selection of courses in order to prepare our students for a career in the guiding industry as well as for the enthusiast to further their knowledge.

  • Apprentice Field Guide NQF2
  • Advanced Rifle Handling
  • Apprentice Trails Trails

Telephone: Cell: 071 194 3284 (Darran) 083 695 8624 (Carol)
Email: dhumukwags@gmail.com / carol.h@mweb.co.za
Website: http://www.dhumukwagt.com

Eco Training

EcoTraining is a passionate environmentally-concious company specialising in the training of nature-guides and those with a deep appreciation of the natural world. However, we do more than just train; we provide participants on our courses with amazing life-changing experiences which open up their minds to the fragility of the planet on which we live. Courses are run in simple unfenced bush camps in the middle of great wilderness areas where participants get to truly experience what it is like to live in wild places. Our mission is to educate people on the importance of wilderness and especially the processes which drive the natural ecosystems of the world. Our hope is that participants, armed with this knowledge, leave our courses and go out and make a difference to the way we look after our planet in their day-to-day live

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)
  • Apprentice Trails Guide
  • Advanced Rifle Handling
  • Tracking

Telephone: +27 (0)13 752 2532
Fax: +27 (0)13 752 4753
Email: enquiries@ecotraining.co.za
Website: http://www.ecotraining.co.za/

Street: Cnr Ehmke and Van der Merwe Street, The Outpost Centre
Area: Nelspruit
Country: South Africa

Elewana Collection (In House training)

In – House Training

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)

Impala Field Guide Training

We are proud to present a unique range of short courses that can be combined or used individually as steppingstones for a person to qualify in the relevant areas. We are a leader in the industry and have been successful and used as an example for the past 17 years.
We are dedicated to give you the best possible training, service and value for money as well as an unforgettable nature and wildlife experience. The standards we aim to uphold are high and we expect the same from our students. This is why our students (who pass their courses), do not have trouble finding jobs fast. Of course we also have the necessary accreditations as an extra benefit for ourselves as well as our students. However, experience taught us that it is not necessarily the qualifications a student has achieved, but also the attitude, self-respect, style and personality of an individual that matters. All of which we try to form, and build upon, during their time with us.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)

Telephone: 014- 735 0361 / 083 256 0210
Email: info@impalatraining.co.za
Website: http://www.impalatraining.co.za/

Area: Waterberg
Country: South Africa


Kwantu Game Reserve offers you a feast for the imagination catering from a Big 5 African adventure to five star hospitality.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)

Limpopo Field Guiding Academy

Game Ranger training in the heart of the African bush! Come and join us for the Safari of your life!
Limpopo Field Guiding Academy is a green company, leaving no negative impact on the environment in any of the ecosystems that we operate.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)
  • Tracking
  • Advanced Rifle Handling
  • Apprentice Trails Guide
  • SKS/Birding

Telephone: Office: +27(0) 72 625 4709 or +27(0) 14 007 0621
Email: info@limpopotraining.co.za
Website: http://www.limpopotraining.co.za/

Motsumi Bush Courses

MOTSUMI BUSH COURSES has been a FGASA endorsed training and assessment provider since 1997. Many of our ex-students are now holding senior positions in lodges, safari companies and other Guide Training Facilities. What makes MOTSUMI different, is our personal approach. Founder of MOTSUMI, and Trainer Principal, Bennet de Klerk, is intimately involved in every step of the course. Most of your training will, in fact, be done by him personally, with the occasional relief of a subject matter expert being called in for some change of scenery! This makes our excellent training product more affordable. And – very importantly – to ensure you get personal attention, we only take 8 learners per course!

MOTSUMI has always – and always will continue to do so – catered for the individual who wants the best possible training, without paying a huge premium for unnecessary add-ons like air-conditioning and 5-star rooms! The MOTSUMI mantra is really simple: “the only way to get to know The Bush, is to leave your footprints there”.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)
  • Apprentice Trails Guide

Telephone: +27 (0)82 926 7830
Email: motsumi@iafrica.com
Website: http://www.motsumibush.com/

Street: Mooihoek 291 JQ
Postcode: 0299
Area: Rustenburg
Country: South Africa

Nature Guiding Company Botswana

Are you serious about a career in nature guiding, a nature enthusiast or simply looking for an enlightening adventure in Nature? If you are, then you have just landed onto your path forward….During nature courses with us, you will be staying in one of Africa’s last true remaining and intact natural and open savanna ecosystems = The Okavango Delta.

  • FGASA Apprentice Field Guide NQF2 (Must register 60 days prior to course start)
  • FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide NQF2
  • FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling
Telephone: +267 73236336 / +267 71427088
Email: clinton@natureguidingcompany.com OR info@natureguidingcompany.com
Website: www.guidetrainingbotswanaafrica.com

Area: Okavango Delta
Country: Botswana

Nature Guide Training

The school was established originally to train the professional field guides at Entabeni Private Game Reserve in 2002 and great success was enjoyed with these detailed in-house programs. With the extensive development of training materials and planned programs the production of many excellent and sought after nature guides began to take place. Many of the field guides trained at Entabeni moved on to some of the most prestigious and sought after reserves in the industry, and are successfully guiding there today in various capacities such as guide, assistant head guide, head guide and even camp management.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)
  • Apprentice Trails Guide
  • Advance Rifle Handling
  • Tracking
  • SKS and Specialist (wildflowers)

Telephone: +27 (0)73 468 9267
Email: lee@natureguidetraining.com
Website: http://www.natureguidetraining.com

NJ More Field Guide College

Our goal is to train Guides that adhere to the highest standards – and to make your dream in the African wilderness come true.

The NJ More Field Guide College affords aspirant Field Guides a true career opportunity within the 5star context of MORE. (Lion Sands/Sabi Sands and Kruger, Madikwe Safari Lodge, Marataba Safari Lodge).

For those who wish to spend a quality gap time, we offer tailor made courses – contact us for details.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)
  • Apprentice Trails Guide
  • Advanced Rifle
  • Tracking
  • Wilderness First Aid II
  • Photography
  • Specialist Birdin

Telephone: +27 (0)11 880 9992
Email: francois@more.co.za
Website: http://www.njmorefieldguidecollege.co.za/


Welcome to the World’s first multi destination Apprentice Field Guide Training Programme. Covering more than 2000km over the 60-day course, you will not only get to explore four of Zimbabwe’s most iconic destinations, but also experience multiple biomes, each with their own wildlife and ecologies. This gives you a more diverse knowledge base of practical Field Guiding experience. Successful graduation will earn you a FGASA Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2) qualification – an essential tool for starting or furthering your exciting career in the African bush. 14 day FGASA Nature Enthusiast Course.

  • Apprentice Field Guide NQF2

Telephone: +263 771294237
Email: rosa@pathfindersafrica.com
Website: https://pathfindersafrica.com

Southern African Wildlife College NPC

FGASA 75 Day Apprentice Field Guide and Apprentice Trails Guide course held at the Southern African Wildlife College near Orpen gate

Established in 1996 to address the needs of the conservation and tourism sector, the Southern African Wildlife College welcomes aspiring guides to be trained by some of the most experienced assessors in southern Africa.

As a SADC recognised and accredited training and skills development provider, based within the Greater Kruger National Park, the College offers courses developed against the highest standards required. Comprehensive training and assessment for a number of FGASA qualifications are provided, with the focus on field and trails guides qualifications, plus advanced rifle handling, local and regional bird guiding as well as two tracking qualifications.

  • Apprentice Field Guide NQF2.
  • Apprentice Trails Guide NQF2.
  • Advanced Rifle Handling.

Telephone: Richard Fergusson 071 377 2372 / Ashwell Glasson 072 030 0237
Email: rfergusson@sawc.org.za or aglasson@sawc.org.za
Website: https://www.wildlifecollege.org.za
Area: Timbavati
Country: South Africa

Sondela Academy

Many young people know that they would like to follow a career in nature but are not sure exactly where to start. It is a known fact that a basic Field Guide course lays the foundation to many nature-related careers, in both the Conservation and Tourism industries and that a FGASA qualification is widely sought-after.

  • Apprentice Field Guide NQF2.

Telephone: 014- 736 8860
Email: info@sondelaacademy.net
Website: https://www.sondela.com/academy/sondela-academy
Area: Bela Bela
Country: South Africa

The Nature College

The Nature College is a CATHSSETA and SASSETA accredited training provider for Field Guides and Game Rangers. We are also FGASA endorsed providers and CyberTracker accredited assessors.

We have been training Field Guides in the National Parks and surrounding communities since 1993. This is complemented by our Field Ranger Training Programme, where we draw on the expertise of a variety of specialists, and experience gained in the South African National Parks and other wildlife organisations since the early 90’s.

Our Field Guide training is based on the publications An Introduction to Nature Guiding, Animal Alert! and The Nature Guide and is complemented by a variety of expert lecturers.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)
  • Apprentice Trails Guide
  • Advanced Rifle Handling
  • Tracking

Telephone: +27 (0)28 551 2562 / +27 (0)76 871 1773
Email: nadia@naturecollege.co.za
Website: http://www.naturecollege.co.za/

Ulovane Environmental Training

At Ulovane Environmental Training we pride ourselves on offering outstanding courses with great success in creating knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and ethical guides who are committed to conservation and who genuinely want to make a difference. Our courses and experiences are aimed at all Nature Enthusiasts, future exceptional Guides, Conservationists, and Wildlife Warriors. If you have a passion for nature and want to learn more, we have a diverse number of experiences that will suit your needs.

By providing exceptional guides for the Eco-Tourism industry, the Ulovane Team hopes to increase the ethics, professionalism, and excellence of guides to ensure guests receive a life-changing guided experience. It is important for us to encourage our learners, not only to be exceptional guides, but also exceptional earth ambassadors and good people. Schalk Pretorius Co-Owner and Principal Trainer has been involved in promoting, training and assisting FGASA continuously since 1996, a life time commitment to improve the stature of guiding in Africa.

We are very proud of our training facility, which borders on the 8000 hectare Amakhala Game Reserve in the heart of the Eastern Cape. We believe it is one of the leading training facilities in South Africa. Ulovane campus offers our students a comfortable lodge-like environment to ensure the students are in the perfect environment to concentrate on their studies.

The Ulovane Campus is green; we not only preach the concept of energy-saving, but we truly live it and make everyone aware that we must change our lifestyle to save our beautiful planet. Our campus is in a remote area and access to outsiders is limited. Our small groups and big campus allows you to be able to enjoy your own spaces

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)
  • Field Guide (NQF4)
  • Marine Guide (NQF2)
  • Apprentice Trails Guide (NQF2)
  • Birding Specialisation
  • Cyber Tracking
  • Wilderness First Aid Level 2
  • Nature Enthusiast Online Course
  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2) Online course
  • Advanced Rifle Handling

Telephone: +27 (0)83 295 3206
Email: candice@ulovane.co.za
Website: http://ulovane.co.za/

Street: Amakhala Game Reserve,
Area: Paterson
Province: Eastern Cape
Country: South Africa

Volunteer World International

Volunteer World International (VWI), South Africa’s leading sustainable tourism operator, have taken the next step in development of our beneficial tourism beliefs-the creation of our very own, specialized in house guide training Academy. Operating from world famous Shamwari Private Game Reserve.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)

Telephone: +27 (0)81 341 0113
Email: matt@volunteerworldintl.com
Website: http://www.volunteerworldintl.com/
Area: Shamwari, Eastern Cape
Country: South Africa

Wilderness Leadership School

Established over sixty years ago by Dr Ian Player and Magqubu Ntombela, the Wilderness Leadership Schools’ work focuses on reconnecting man and nature through a direct and rich experience of wilderness. The Wilderness Leadership School offers a three month residential Field Guide Course in Durban and Zululand with a special focus on wilderness ethics and facilitation.

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2)